Poetry Day


On the occasion of the Foreign Languages Week teachers of the Department — Kuzmytska M.O. and Vysotchenko S.V. — organized the Poetry Day for the 3rd-year students. The event took place on March 4, 2016 and aimed at introducing students to famous English poets and their works.

The introductory part of the event was the “English poetry” presentation by Kuzmytska M.O. from which students learnt some interesting facts about poetry and listened to verses recited by native speakers. During the second part students recited poetry in English, prepared in advance. All the participants demonstrated expression and artistry of performance, as well as eagerness to further analysis of poems. The following students deserve special credit for their participation:  Kulniyazova Aygul, Ishkabulova Zebonisa, Esan Nusga and many others. The final part of the event was the introduction of elementary poetry writing techniques, having tried which, the students managed to create their own multi-authored verse.

We are grateful to everyone for participation and wish you never-ending inspiration!

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